Authorities should release innocent arrested persons soon: Khyber political alliance


Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The leaders of Khyber Siyasi Etihad(Khyber Political Alliance) on Wednesday have demanded the authorities to issue strict instructions to the security forces at army garrison to release the arrested innocent persons of Khuga Khel tribe.

 Addressing to a crowded press conference the general secretary of JUI-F FATA Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari, president of PPP Khyber Agency Hazrat Wali Afridi, PTI senior leader Haji Zarbullah Shinwari, Jamat-e-Islami leader Muqtadar Shah Afridi and other senior representatives and civil society member criticized the FC personnel for launching crackdown against non-custom paid taxi cars in the area and the arrest of innocent person from Khuga Khel tribe.

The leaders said the authorities should stop discriminative behavior with the locals of Landikotal which would only spread out hate among the tribesmen of Landikotal with the government and security institutions.

The leaders said that non-custom paid vehicles were the only source of the locals in Landikotal and seizing the vehicles were injustice with the local tribesmen.

If the crackdown against non-custom paid vehicles continued, hundreds of the family lone bread earners would become jobless and it was feared that they would go to be involved in illegal activities and anti-state acts. The leaders of Khyber Political Alliance stated.

The leaders threaten if the Khugal Tribe 40 arrested persons were not released and the search operation was not stopped they would launch country wide protest demonstration against this discrimination.



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