Students are deprived of educational activities owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mahmood Aurangzeb Bacha


Ikram Uddin

PESHAWAR: Educators and students around the world are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of the novel coronavirus as schools shut down amid the public health emergency.

Dean of khyber medical college Peshawar Mr. Mahmood Aurangzeb Bacha has said that owing to the corona pandemic, the youth is deprived of educational activities. It is time to pay heed to education because with education an individual can work for one’s nation and people. Education brings light to an individual’s life and provides a straight path. Owing to the corona pandemic, students of kpk are deeply deprived of their studies and this can be damaging for annual systems. All educational institutes are damaged due to this pandemic which in turn damages the whole fabric of the country. He has said that students should take care of themselves and their families in this situation. Pakistan is under the full spat of this pandemic and it is increasing day by day in Pakistan. People should take care of the sop’s prescribed by the govt so that we all should be saved. He said that medical is one of the fields within which students need full dedication towards studies to get successful with good grades and marks and then work for the betterment and development of the country and people.