Main eye-witness in Naqeeb Mehsud murder case goes missing


Fata Voice News Agency

KARACHI: Main witness in Naqeebullah Mehsud murder case has gone missing, the investigation officer told an anti-terrorism court on Saturday.

Dr Rizwan, the investigation officer of the case appeared before SHC in a hearing.
He revealed before the court that Rao Anwar and his subordinates were all very powerful officers. A key eyewitness of the case had gone missing, he added.
Dr. Rizwan told the court that eyewitness was disturbed by the influence of former SSP Malir.
He said that another eye-witness has backtracked from his statement over the accused’s pressure. He said that if the bail of the accused were not cancelled, the other witnesses could also backtrack from their statements. He said that the accused could force the witness to change their statement through threats.