Khuga Khel tribe blocks Peshawar Torkham high way for hours long power load shedding

Protesters are seen on Peshawar Torkham high way

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: Dozens of Khuga Khel tribe youth including children hold a protest demonstration against the unavailability of electricity on Sunday.

Israr Shinwari was leading the protest demonstration at Landikotal bypass where a prominent elder woman Islama Bibi also come in the support of the protesters.

The children and the youth of the Khuga Khel tribe were shouting slogans against the Tesco officials for the hours-long electricity load shedding them and threw stones on the road which blocked the Peshawar Torkham high way for all sort of traffic.

The Khasadar force personnel started aerial firing to disperse the protesters. Eyewitness said.

After the Khasadar personnel started aerial firing then protesters started throwing stones on the Khasadar force which also injured some Khasadar force personnel. Khasadar officials said.  

The protesters were peaceful but the Khasadar force personnel unlawfully started the gunfire. Israr Ahmad Shinwari said. He said that Khasadar force personnel also tortured them physically.

Later, talks between the protesters and the administration took place and the road was reopened for all sort of traffic after four hours.

According to the agreement between the protesters and Tesco, the electricity supply would be increased for two hours, inquiry against that personnel who allegedly involved in aerial firing would be conducted.

Israr Ahmad Shinwari, talking media said that we were peaceful and the Khasadar force personnel should be suspended who were involved in gun firing on peaceful protesters.