Women and children hold protest demo against illegal raids of FC Force


Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: Children and old women of Khuga Khel tribe on Monday hold a protest demonstration at Landikotal bypass road against the illegal detention of tribesmen during a search operation by the security force personnel.

A large number of children and old women holding black flags and banners inscribed with words against the illegal detention of their parents and relatives gathered at Landikotal bypass road and slammed the FC force personnel.

The women and children said the arrested persons were innocent and should be released immediately.

Islama Bibi, an old woman of the Shinwari tribe told media persons that FC Force personnel have illegally raided their houses. she said the forces have violated Pakhtuns norms and culture. 

She said the SF force did not recover any weapon from the houses during their search operation. 

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Muslim League(PML-N) leader Israr Shinwari also joined the protesters and criticized the FC force personnel at Army garrison who unlawfully raided their houses and arrested their family members.

Israr Shinwari told media men that arrested persons were innocent and the FC force personnel violated the norms of tribal and Pakhtoons culture and illegally entered their houses.

Israr Shinwari, children and women demanded the high ups of a security forces to release the arrested person with a threat that if the arrested persons were not released, they would protest against this unlawful detention in Peshawar.

Later the political tehsildar Shamsul Islam and local elders reached the spot and talked with the protestors.

Shamsul Islam told protestors that they were in contact with FC force personnel and soon the arrested persons would be released.



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