Transporters demanded justice for Naqib

LANDIKOTAL: Shakir Afridi talks media persons at Landikotal press club.
Nasib Shah Shinwari
LANDIKOTAL: The all Khyber transport union senior representatives on Friday have condemned the brutal killing of Naqib ullah Mehsud by Sindh police in a fake attack on police force in the outskirts of Karachi.
Shakir Afridi, the president of all Khyber transport union while talking mediamen at Landikotal press club criticized the official of Sindh police ‘Rao Anwar’ who allegedly killed a tribesman of South Waziristan Naqib Mehsud in a fake police encounter with militants.
The representatives of transport union said Naqibullah Mehsud was working in Karachi and demanded the authorities to provide justice to Naqib’s family and terminate the police official.

It is said that Naqibullah Mehsud was found of modeling. here are some pictures from his facebook account. 



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