Torkham Customs clearing agents continue strike for second day


Shamsul-Amin Pirzada

TORKHAM: Local custom clearing agents continued their strike on Friday at the Torkham border against Web-based One Customs(WEBOC) as dialogues with custom officials failed.

As per the sources, due to failure of dialogue with custom officials, strike against WEBOC system continued for the second day and the trading activists at the Torkham border remain halted.

Hundreds of loaded trucks on both sides of the Torkham border were seen in queue waiting for clearance, he said.

The newly-elected president of the All Torkham clearing Agents association, Zarqeeb Shinwari who was leading the strike told that the WEBOC system had made the clearance and trading process slow at the Torkham border as the system requires uninterrupted electricity and fast internet.
He said his association discussed the issue with the concerned official in Peshawar but they were not interested to facilitate the clearing agents for the smooth process at Torkham.

He said they would continue their boycott from clearance of export and import goods at the border till fulfilled their demands.

On the other hand, Pakistan customs officials at Torkham said that they were discussing the due issues of the cleaning agents with high-ups and they would soon resolve the matter.

It is to be mentioned here that the All Torkham Custom Clearing Association had given a call for the strike on Wednesday when the customs officials failed to address their needs and demands.


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