Teachers should play vital role to develop a healthy society: Hafiz Ibrahim


By Ashrafuddin Pirzada

LANDIKOTAL: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa director education doctor Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim urged tribal districts teachers that they were chosen to impart their due role and create an educated and healthy society in the militancy hit areas of erstwhile Fata.

This was said by director education doctor Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim when a thirty memebers delegation of All Teachers Association(ATA) of merged tribal districts met him at his office.

Senior teacher and president of the teachers association Naseer Shah Afridi led the delegation who pinpointed the burning issued and possible solutions to overcome from the decades long constraints that had badely suffered educatiom ratio in esrtwhile Fata.

Naseer Shah told the director that teachers upgradation and appointment of teachers especially at primry schools were the issue need to be addressed as soon as posdible.

All Teachers Association general secretary Asif Khan told the director education that students and teachers in tribal districts had not been given the ficilities to compete with the rest of children in Pakistan.

Asif told the official that in erstwhile Fata teachers’ voice was not heard in the past. He said ex-officials intentionally not processed dozens of teachers updredation and promotion cases since long.

ATA delegation thanked director Khyber Pakhunkhwa who seriously heard their genuine problems.

Speaking on the occasion, Hafiz Ibrahim said that he heard teachers issues and would try to resolve one by one. He said teachers in tribal districts were their hands and would respect their genuine demands. He said his team was committed to address teachers’ problems at priority bases.

” A child in Waziristan and another in Swat are like my own children and i will treat them as equal”, Hafiz Ibrahim pledged. He added that close ties between teachers associatioand amd education directorate management was a two way traffic to establish a strong liason between teachers and officials to spread knowledge and give an educated society to the coming generations.

Hafiz Ibrahim in clear words told the teachers association office bearers that he would not tolerate irrigularities and corruption in the education deparent. He said most of the education officials have been replaced on charges of corruption and misconduct.

The official said they were working on the policy of zero tolerance against corruption and irrigularities. He said they have completed homework for tribal districts schools to provide every required facilities to students and teachers.

The official urged teachers that they were from among the million of people chosen for the noble cause to disseminate knowledge and polish future of children.

Hafiz said he feel proud to be a guardian of teachers community and would fight for their legal and basic rights.

Newly appointed additional director Khyber Pakhunkhwa Muhammad Iqbal was also present on the occasion.