Govt should resolve FATA issues, increase Hajj Quota: HOAP officials

Pir Aqal Shah(Prominent elder of North Waziristan)

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The member of North Waziristan grand Jirga, former NA-40 candidate and the chairman of hajj organizers association of Pakistan(HOAP) FATA, Pir Aqal Shah has asked the government to resolve issues facing by FATA people and also increase the private scheme hajj quota for FATA region.

Pir Aqal Shah was talking this scribe the other day said that government was not serious to settle down FATA people issues and the private hajj scheme quota allocated for Fata was also less compared to the population of Fata regions.

He said the government should increase FATA people hajj quota according to the whole population. He expressed concern over the intention and statement of the ministry of religious affairs to decrease the private hajj sector quota from 40% to 33%.

He said Pakistan private hajj companies have been providing excellent facilities since the hajj quoted allotted to private sector and the Saudi Arab hajj officials have also applauded the Pakistan private hajj sector for best hajj arrangements.

The NW elder criticized the authorities for ignoring the TDPs and terrorism victims of Waziristan and demanded the authorities to provide financial support to those people whose houses were destroyed and partially damaged during the war against terrorism.

He said at the time when the Pakistan private hajj sector have accomplished many successful hajj operations, the ministry of religious affairs should increase the private hajj quota because Pakistan’s private hajj scheme was earning a good name for country on international level due to best hajj arrangements and facilities for pilgrims.

The chairman of HOAP-KP, Faisal Saburi, and the former chairman of HOAP for Kp regions Haji Masood Khan Shinwari also talked this scribe and expressed concern over the government plan to decrease private hajj quota.

The HOAP representatives of Fata and Khyber Pakhunkhwa demanded the prime minister to issue instructions to the ministry of religious affairs to resolve the issue by distributing the hajj quota with ratio of 50:50 among government and private sector.

It is to mention here that Sindh high court has issued a notification to the ministry of religious affairs not to announce hajj policy for the year 2018 till the quota distribution issue was not resolved among the government and private hajj sector.




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