Clearance agents strike ends after 4 days

LANDIKOTAL: tribal elders and custom clearance agents during a joint press conference at Landikotal press club.

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The protest of all Torkham custom clearance agents against Weboc(web based-one custom) and demanding internet facilities at Torkham was ended after four days on Thursday.

Talking to a press conference, Mairaj Uddin Shiwnrai, the chairman of all Torkham custom clearance agents said that after successful negotiations with our local elders and the political administration officials, the four days protest and token strike was ended.

He said that It was decided that the trucks already suffered due to the clearance agents strike would be cleared following old system.

The chairman said that during the joint talks parties agreed that if online weboc system works the import and export goods clearance will be carried out online but if there was some fault, the clearance will be done through manual and old system.

The elders Malak Darya Khan Afridi, Nadeem Afrid, Haji Parvaiz Shinwari were also present during the press conference and thanked the media persons for highlighting the custom clearance issues with more commitment.  

The chariman of custom clearance agents, Mairauj Udding Shiwnari also applauded the positive role of the local journalists who always raised the voice of poor and traders.


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