YJSI demands UN to play role in solving journalists problems


Amin shinwari

Toronto:(International Desk)A video link meeting to discuss Journalism issues was held on Monday to find out timely solutions to serious problems being faced by journalists across the world.

The meeting was chaired by young international Journalists Society president Haji Waqar Yaqub. Other journalists participated were International Press Organization founder and central president of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe Organization, Ikramuddin, Information Secretary, YJSI, Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate and senior journalist leaders from all over the world.

Speaking on the occasion Ikramuddin said that governments from all over the world should play an important role in solving the problems and difficulties being faced by journalists in a timely manner.Information Secretary, YJSI Miss Abeer Alwar Advocate said that journalists were the asset of the respectuve country and the nation.

President Young Journalists Society International Haji Waqar Yaqub reminded the world in the meeting that journalists are performing their due services in the best possible while people across of global were going through coronavirus pandemic which is admirable and praiseworthy. He said journalists have always raised their voice against every oppression and injustice. He added that journalists have always struggled against corruption which was a source of pride for the country and the nation He said on the other hand Injustices has begun with journalists and many journalists deprived of government funds and other aid packages. He added that many journalists have been affected by the coronavirus and some have lost their lives also.

He slumped the government has not yet cooperated any of journalist around the world despite their limited resources.

Amin shinwari said Journalism is an important pillar of any state but no political party has yet raised its voice in favour of journalists which considered an insult to journalism. They demanded from the United Nations to play an important role and don’t ignore journalists so that the problems and difficulties faced by journalists could be solved.