Untold story of Achin’s residents under Daesh group

Daesh Militangs(File Photo)

Fata Voice News Agency Report

Torkham: The residents of the Achin districts of Ningharhar province in Afghanistan have told Afghan media about what they have faced during the Daesh militant group years long control at the area.

An Afghan journalist visited the area and has talked with the locals of Achin district of Ningarhar province.

He has disclosed that some three years these areas were used by Daesh militant group as training camps and now these areas have truned into the market place and customers come here on daily basis to purchase food commodities and other daily requirement.

 According to Afghan journalist report there is no blac flag of ISIS at the area and now the Afghan national flags are hoisted replacing those black flags of Daesh group at Shadal Bazar of Achin.

 The journalist tell the story of a minor boy Ahmad who was kidnapped by Daesh group and was trained for four months.

He(minor boy) was trained and was ready for a suicide attack after getting necessary training and guidance from Daesh militant groups at their camp in Eastern Afghanistan.

 After realizing the threats by Daesh group, the father of Ahmad decided to leave the area but the Daesh group destroyed their home.

 Another Achin’s resident has told the Afghan journalist that his son was kidnapped by Daesh and was in their custody for 19 days who later on martyred by the Daesh group fighters.

 The reports further say that now the life has become normal in the area and the business activities at Achin district have restored and the people of the area are happy after the defeat of Daesh group.