Parents Serve Legal Notice To Aziz Jan School


Our Correspondent
PESHAWAR: Parents through their lawyer served a legal notice to the Aziz Jan School owner Muhsin Aziz, principal Shazia and admin Muhammad Shafiq Akram after they expelled children from school without any legal reason.

Ashrafuddin Pirzada, whose two daughters and a son were studying at the Aziz Jan Institute of Learning in Hayatabad Peshawar, for the past couple of years, told journalists that school principal Shazia and administrator Muhammad Shafiq Akram, without any advance notice, told him to take his son Moeeduddin Pirzada as he was struck off from school. He said when he went to school and asked the school administrator, Muhammad Shafiq Akram, he replied that on the directives of school owner Mohsin Aziz, principal Shazia expelled his son and daughter from school. He was reminded that without advance notice served to parents, it would be a grave child rights violation but he did not give importance to it.
Pirzada said when asked by school administrator Muhammad Shafiq Akram he said it was school policy that those who have more than two children studying at Aziz Jan School would have one of them kicked out. When asked why he did not allow more than two brothers and sisters to study at your school, he replied, “It is our (Mohsin Aziz’s) policy, and we are not answerable to anybody else”. 
Ashrafuddin Pirzada said he argued to convince the principal and Shafiq that they were responsible for all damages to the children’s future if his kids were deprived of education. 

Contrary to the brother and sister concession law, under the so-called Aziz Jan School Policy, every third and fourth child studying had to leave the school.

Pirzada said a few days ago that parents paid a two-month school tuition fee in advance and purchased uniforms, books, notebooks, and other stationery worth around 10k for each child.
He said he tried to convince Shafeeq Akram and his staff that they were violating the basic rights of children and the law of the land but to no avail.
He said that after all possible arguments between his social and moral ethics, Shazia and Shafiq came harshly and told him that he had no right to ask, and just because of his arguments, his both children Anam Prizada and Moeeduddin Pirzada, have now been struck off from the school.
He said it was his legal and moral right to ask about his kids but because of Shazia and Muhammad Shafiq Akram immoral and harsh behaviour, his requests were not accepted.

Immediately, he ordered the office assistant to take Moeed and Anam out of classes and he did so,

Ashrafuddin Pirzada said he had no option and contacted his lawyer, who served a legal notice to the school principal and prepared other documents to file a case.

Pirzada urged parents to take a stand for the sake of their children’s future and raise their voices against the school owner and administration; otherwise, their children’s future would be ruined.

Pirzada appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, the education minister, human and child rights organisations, child rights protection, and other quarters of concern to take up this issue and stop child rights violations.