Journalists elections, Sajid Ali Kukikhel becomes president of Jamrud Press Club


Fazal Amin Shinwari
JAMRUD: Sajid Ali Kukikhel was elected president of the Jamrud press club, Muhammad Akbar Afridi as general secretary, Zakir Ullah Afridi as vice president, and Dilawar Khan Afridi as finance secretary of the 2022-2023 cabinet in an annual election.

The elections were held under the supervision of the Election Committee in the Jamrud Press Club building and lasted until one o’clock in the afternoon. The other members elected include Muhammad Shafiq Afridi as Senior Vice President, Hakumran Khan Afridi elected as the Giant Secretary and Izat Gul Afridi elected as the Press Secretary. People from all walks of life flocked to the Jamrud Press Club to congratulate the press club’s newly elected office bearers.