Hundreds of loaded trucks trapped at Torkham after the clearance agents went on token strike

TORKHAM: Export goods loaded trucks are seen at Torkham due to clearance agents protest demonstration against weboc system .

Nasib Shah Shinwari


 TORKHAM:All Custom clearance agents of Torkham on Monday boycotted the clearance of import-export goods at Pak Afghan border Torkham against the unavailability of facilities and weboc(web based one-custom), an online system for the clearance of import and export trade goods implemented by PRAL(Pakistan Revenue Automation Pvt Ltd).

 Talking this scribe, the president of all custom clearance agents association of Torkham, Hayat Ullah Shinwari said that the clearance agents were agree to accept the weboc system but due to the lack of fast internet and electricity they were facing difficulties.

 He said to carry out online clearance of import and export trade goods, it needs fast internet which was not available at Torkham.

 “The traders and custom clearance agents have met the political administration and custom department officials for several times but they only made promises and have not resolved our issues”. Shinwari said adding that the custom department officials should train our employees that they could be familiar with the Weboc system.

 He demanded the authorities to ensure and provide basic facilities of fast internet and electricity which were essential for Weboc system at Torkham border.

 Political naib Tehsildar Torkha, Tehseenullah told this scribe that the political administration officials were in contact with the custom department officials about the matter.

 He said the political administration was enthusiastic to resolve custom agents issues at Torkham and it was taking steps to provide facilities to clearance agents

 A senior custom clearance agent Qari Ishaq Shinwari told this scribe that authorities should provide fast internet facility at Torkham.

 He said that custom agents at Torkham were ready to accept the authorities’ decision of webboc systesm but the authorities should organize IT training for our office workers so that they could perform online process easily.

 He said without the fast facility of internet and 24 hours electricity, the implementation of Weboc system was not possible at Pak-Afghan border Torkham.  

 When this scribe met the officials of PRAL for their official statement about the custom agents issue, Rizwanullah, the facilitation officer of Custom-PRAL responded with explanation that Weboc system was aimed to facilitate the process of import and export of goods throughout Pakistan.

 He said the concern department have setup 10 computers in Torkham and were planning to more improve the system to facilitate the custom clearance agents.

 The official said that this system was very fruitful and speedy for the clearance of import and export trade goods.


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