The global epidemic of COVID19 has also disrupted sports fields. Jan Nisar Khan


Amin Shinwari

TORONTO/Germani: Sports around the world continued to be disrupted and even halted, by the spread of the coronavirus, it is very important to take precautionary measures to get rid of Coronavirus: First-class cricketer and All-rounder

Pakistani first-class cricketer and well-known player of the American cricket team Jan Nisar Khan said that due to the global epidemic coronavirus, the playing field has also disrupted.
The only way to get rid of the corona and eradicate the coronavirus is to stay home and follow the government’s instructions. Unless the people follow the government’s measures and stay home, it is not possible to get rid of coronavirus. Pakistani first-class cricketer and the famous player of the American cricket team, Jan Nisar Khan, said in a press statement with International Global Times Media Europe and Fata Voice News Agency”We must serve humanity on the eve of a global pandemic like the coronavirus because service to humanity can also end the epidemic,” He said that with the eradication of Coronavirus, sports fields will be re-populated and once again the sports sector will be on the path of development. He further said that He is praying to the Lord of the Universe that, May Allah grant salvation to all mankind from a global plague-like corona and May God grant the Muslim Ummah the ability to serve humanity. Amen