SWO arranges mass-weddings in Landikotal


By Ashrafuddin Pirzada

LANDIKOTAL: President of Shinwari Welfare Organization(SWO) Haji Aslam Shinwari has said that not only the government and other pilanthropic organizations must help poors but rich people at local level should also come forward and contribute for making life better in the country.

Aslam Shinwari said this while speaking to a firstever mass-wedding festival conducted by Shinwari Welfare Organization in Landikotal on Sunday.

Aslam Shinwari said he and his cabinet members and all members of Shinwari Welfare Organization feel proud for conducting marriages of twenty couples who could not afford to get marriad due to unaffordable prices of home appliances and wedding expenses.

He said SWO in a short time after it was established few years ago did oo many humanitarian work in the country. He said they distributed food packages in Ramazan and help poors and orphans at Eid days. Shinwari said this year they distributed thousands of saplings and privide financial assistance to the poor patients.

Aslam Shinwari said beside gorvernment and other humanitarian organizations rich people should also donate for the welfare of those who deserve. 

“The name SWO earned in short time is just because of sincere contributions and dedication of its members and wellwisher who contributed for humanity”,said Aslam Shinwari. 

He said it was the mission of SWO to raise voice for poor,unity, and deserving people and help them at the right time. He added that SWO want peaceful and prosperous Pakistan. He said they want to work along with the government in educarion,health and other sectors.

SWO president appleaded the rich class citizens to donate for the upleft of their specific localities and help bring up poors above from the poverty line. 

Local residents especially civil society and parents of the newly weds thanked and appreciated SWO for such noble cause and urged for helping others in the future.

Hundreds of local residents,SWO central,Peshawar district and Hangu office bearers and officials attended the mass-wedding party in Lamdikotal.

It may be mentioned here that  SWO not only financed all expenses of wedding goods and the joint wedding paety(Waleema) that cost a handsome amount but it was the firstever mass-wedding party arranged in the local history in Landikotal tehsil of Khyber Tribal district.