Raja Pervez Ashraf says PTI govt ill-prepared to fight coronavirus


PTI government is not prepared to fight the coronavirus. the budget presented is harmful, People rejected the federal budget. it “people’s enemy”, “disappointing” and lacking motivation for growth. Former Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister and Member National Assembly of Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Raja Pervez Ashraf said that the government is not prepared to fight the coronavirus.
Thousands overseas Pakistanis are stuck in foreign countries, Are we not that capable of bringing them back?
Ashraf said that the government should bring back the Pakistanis stranded abroad at its own expense, Instead, people have been looted under these circumstances. Many districts have been affected due to locust but the government has failed to prevent it. People do not have money for food.
In 1947, if they were given the government, they would have said that the British had destroyed the country. He is the Prime Minister of the whole country but he goes to Karachi and does not meet the Chief Minister.
This attitude is harming Pakistan. It is the job of the Prime Minister to handle the mistakes. How will a consensus be formed? If the prime minister says “Tit for Tat”.On Friday Former Prime Minister and PPP’s MNA taking part in the debate on the budget for the next financial year in the National Assembly.
He said, “The budget is not only anti-poor but will also result in increasing inflation and unemployment.”
The government has tried to hide its incompetence by affixing the blame on the PPP and coronavirus.
He said that the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country under extraordinary circumstances has engulfed the entire world when we are at war and our lives are in danger, Have we created the required environment for that purpose? Raja Pervez Ashraf said that the opposition has a responsibility but the present government has the most responsibility. In these circumstances, there was a need to encourage and motivate the people but we could not succeed. Raja Pervez Ashraf said that it is very sad that even in these circumstances we could not unite and a situation of uncertainty was created and we could not make a timely decision regarding the Coronavirus. He said that He has seen the budget which is ridiculous. What is the policy of the government in this regard given by the WHO? It is very important to make a policy for everything.Raja Pervez Ashraf in a press statement with Global Times Media Europe and FVNA said that it is very important for all of us to work together at this time so that the country and the nation can get rid off the present coronavirus. He also prayed for the security of Pakistan