Afghan Govt Closed Torkham border


Ashrafuddin Pirzada
LANDIKOTAL: The Torkham border remained closed for several hours after tension raised between Pakistan and Afghanistan over the installation of signboard at near Torkham border on Wednesday.

A border official said that Emarat-e-Islami raised concerns when they started the installation of a signboard with the welcoming slogan on it. He said they had written welcome words in English, Urdu and Rissian languages for the passengers coming to Pakistan. He said they tried to convince but failed and they closed the border for traffic to record their protest.
This scribe tried to contact Afghan Torkham commissioner Asmatullah but could not comment on the issue.
Hundreds of loaded and empty vehicles were stranded on both sides of the border due to the closure.
After the assurance of Pakistani border officials, the Torkham border was reopened and resumed the traffick after several hours of closure.

It may be added here that on September 6, the Torkham border was also closed for several days after both sides exchanged firing over the construction of a bunker on the Afghanistan side of the Torkham border.