Students protest in Peshawar against harassment in Islamia College University


PESHAWAR: Female Students on Monday protest against harassment at the Islamia College University Peshawar.

A large number of students gathered in front of the Islamia College University Peshawar Vice Chancellor’s office, carrying play cards and banners inscribed with anti-university administration and teachers slogans.
The protesters said, that teachers harass Female students while checking papers and conducting research papers.
Female students claimed that teachers of University had been threatening their female students to make friendship with them so as to get good marks in the exams or face failure and supplementary examinations.
Students marched around in university shouting slogans against teachers and the university.
Female Students said had filed his complaints asking the Vice-Chancellor University for harassment.
but no protection was being given to female students by the college administration.
The protesting students demanded that they be provided protection.