Regilalma residents stage protest for the release of their properties


By Ashrafuddin Pirzada
PESHAWAR: A score of regilalma residents on Thursday staged a protest demonstration on Peshawar-Jamrud road in Karkhano markets and chanted slogans against the illegal occupation of their homes and markets in Peshawar.

Muzamil Shah Afridi, Arslan Afridi Mujahid Shinwari, Haji Karim and Haji Ashraf Afridi led the protest demonstration. The protesters marched on the Peshawar-Jamrud road and blocked traffic in Karkhano markets for an hour for all kinds of traffic.
They were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the Military Estate Office(MEO)who, according to them, illegally occupied their markets and homes situated in Regilalma area in Peshawar.
Speaking on the occasion, Muzamil Shah, Arslan and Muhahid alleged that MEO first expelled them from their homes and markets by force and now they demolished their homes where they had left their valuables behind. They said despite that they have the government-issued property ownership documents but they were deprived of it.

They said the case was running at court and they have stay orders in their hands but MEO did not obey the court orders.

The regilalma elders said more than 160 carnal lands worth billion of rupees were inherited to them from their forefathers where they used to live in their homes for the last several decades. The elders said they were compelled to come out on the road and record their protest as their voice was not heard in the government-run offices.

Afridi and Shinwari elders threatened to establish a sit-in camp on Peshawar-Jamrud road in Karkhano markets where their children and women would also be with them if MEO not stopped bulldozing their homes.
They also appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Chief of Army Staff and prime minister Imran Khan to take notice and release their land from the Military Estate Office(MEO).