Qadri says conspiracies against Pakistan always failed


Ashrafuddin Pirzada

LANDIKOTAL: Federal minister for religious affairs and interfaith Harmony doctor Noorul Haq Qadri on Friday said that those who were making conspiracies against our mother-land would get nothing but failure as Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and it would be on the globe until the last day of this world.

Federal minister as speaking to the graduation ceremony of Jamia Farooqia religious seminary. Farooqia seminary is one of the 218 other seminaries for federal ministers and their family-run across Pakistan.
More than two hundred religious scholars and Hafiz-e-Quran graduated from the seminary.

Federal minister for religious affairs and interfaith harmony doctor Noorul Haq Qadri was the chief guest. He distributed certificates and tied the turbans of the newly graduates.

Qadri said his father Pir Sheikh Gul Sahib had established the Farooqia seminar after a long struggle. He urged residents to their support the seminary.

Dr. Noorul Haq Qadri thanked his followers and party workers for their Islamic, social and political support. He praised the hectic role of Maulana Shoaib, the head of the seminary for his teachings as a teacher.

“I am proud of being the grandson of Shalman Babajee who spread soft and peaceful Islam in the region”, said Wadri. He added that his forefathers enlightened the area with the light of Islam. He said his father Hazrat Abdul Aziz alias Sheikh Gul Sahib also struggled and worked to spread Islamic teachings in the country.

The minister said their forefathers had advised them to give pens not the gun to their children and still they follow their footprints.
He urged the graduated scholars that work for the best way of life not to create a rift among people. The minister said that they gave hands to the one(Imran Khan) who was chosen after long deliberations with his teachers and other religious figures. He said Imran Khan was the best one of today’s political leaders who were not working for the country’s betterment but he always defended Islam at international forums.

He said being a parliament member he was doing developmental projects for his countrymen. He said they have launched several mega projects in Jamrud and Landikotal. He said it is the citizens’ right to provide the best possible health, education and other services at the doorsteps.
Regarding the Hajj program, the minister said Saudi Arabia has yet not cleared their position about the coming Hajj. He said soon they would contact the Saudi government to get the updates and finalize the program.

Adnan Qadri, the nephew of Noorul Haq Qadri criticized a so-called religious scholar for the blasphemous words he used on social media a few weeks ago. He said they categorically condemn the words he used and ask the government to take action against him. He said they gave hundreds of religious scholars every year from their religious 218 seminaries across the country. He said they sacrificed family members for the respect of the holy prophet(PBUH). He said their mission of protecting and defending the holy prophet and Islam would continue until the last drop of their blood.

Besides thousands of people from different parts of the province, parents, elders, officials, and PTI leaders Haji Amir Khan and Zarbullah Shinwari were also present on the occasion