‘PTI has changed the name not the system of erstwhile Fata’


Shamsul-Amin Pirzada

LANDIKOTAL: Jamat-e-Islami(JI) tribal districts Ameer, Sardar Khan Wednesday has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf(PTI) has changed merely the name not the system of erstwhile Fata region.

Speaking during a press conference in Landikotal press club, JI leader Sardar khan criticized PTI government that even after the merger the incumbent regime of PTI could not fulfill its promises with tribal districts. he said there was no development work on the ground and the government was dodging the tribal areas people via hollow slogans and paperwork.

He said  Late, JI leader, Qazi Hussain Ahmad had launched a movement against Frontier Crime Regulations(FCR). Adding that their party had struggled to abolish the black law of FCR and finally the region merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP).

PTI’s government has replaced the name of Political Agent(PA) with Deputy Commissioner(DC) and Assistant Political Agent(APA) with (AC) but the system remained unchanged in the tribal districts so far, Sardar regretted. After the abolishment of FCR, there was no law in the tribal areas and this situation increasing the miseries of the masses.

The federal and KP governments had announced for development projects they would give 1000 billion for ten years and three percent share in National Finance Commission(NFC) award but they could not do so far.

Regarding education, he stressed the PTI  government to reconstruct educational institutions that had been destroyed during the militancy in the tribal belt.

‘’China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a game changer but the tribal people were deprived of giving any share in this mega project. It is the clear example of injustice with the people of former Fata people”, Khan remarked.

Regarding the current situations, he lauded the Pak-forces for giving befitting response to India. He said the tribesmen and activists of JI would not hesitate to render sacrifices for their homeland.

The JI Ameer accused that PTI deliberately delaying provincial and local government elections in the tribal districts which not fair.

 He said they heard the population of the former Fata was seven million some 36 years ago. And the current national census showed that it has decreased from seven million, therefore, they have rejected it.


Sardar Khan urged the government to create jobs opportunities in the newly merged area so that the youngsters could be engaged and kept away from unhealthy activities.

JI Khyber district general secretary Murad Hussain, Abdur Rauf, Mohammad Hassan, and Shamal Khel Afridi were also present in on the occasion.