Police Officials Arrested in Grenade Attack Over Extortion on VC Chairman’s Home


Our Correspondent
BARA: Local law enforcement in Bara, Khyber, has apprehended two policemen and his colleague on suspicions of their participation in a grenade attack against the home of a village council chairman just forty-eight hours ago.

According to sources, a police officer, in the company of his associate, Sajid Afghani, allegedly made an attempt to throw hand grenades at the residence of Chairman Engineer Arifullah. The incident occurred in the Nasrullah Kay Nogazi Bara area of Shalobar, located on the outskirts of Bara, during the night spanning Thursday to Friday. However, the grenade unexpectedly ricocheted and detonated, causing injuries to Policeman Abdul Qadir and his companion, Sajid Afghani, who were promptly transported to a medical facility for treatment.

In the aftermath of the incident, law enforcement discreetly took into custody the implicated officers, including the in-charge of the Syed Karim checkpoint. Subsequently, they were relocated to an undisclosed location to facilitate further investigation.

Meanwhile, the Bara Siyasi Ittehad, which has been at the forefront of opposing the increasing incidents of extortion and targeted killings over the past few months, has called for an impartial inquiry into the incident and for exemplary punishment to be administered to those found guilty of such crimes.