“Peace in Afghanistan is inevitable for peace in Pakistan” QWP



Ashrafuddin Pirzada


LANDIKOTAL: The nationalist Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) chairman  Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has said that Afghanistan was a gateway for Pakistan to enhance trade relation with central Asian states and Europe but they should bring a sustainable peace and prosperity into Kabul which was also inevitable for peace in Pakistan.

Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao was speaking at a public gathering on the death anniversary of his party leader Maj(R)Dost Muhammad Afridi held in Landikotal on Thursday. He said Afghanistan was their Muslim brother country and need to enjoy cordial relation with the Afghan brother and sisters. He said they cannot ignore the strategic importance of Afghanistan besides the landlocked country shares border central Asian states.


The QWP chief said that they would not let the government to bring changes in the 18th amendment of the constitution which they think bring up presidential form of government in the country.he said 18th amendment was the part of constitution and no one has the right to play with it. Sherpao said his party would show its resistance to the government if they try to abolish it. He said if units were being strong it would help the centre to run smoothly.


Regarding the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) the QWP chief said that PTM has raised political and basic issues and need to be resolved politically. He added that if Imran Khan considered PTM’s demands genuine why he not talk with them.

“Imran Khan is not a sensible leader nor he is an authoritative Prime Minister to resolve problems of the countrymen”, said Sherpao Khan. He added that Imran should tell the citizens why he was not serious to settle down all issues with PTM.

Sherpao Khan said since the PTI-led government installed at the centre they witness disturbance inside the parliament that put hindrances to formulate laws for the country. He said Imran Khan was a selected Prime Minster and urged the political parties to stand up against him.

Qaumi Watan Party head said inappropriate and poor policies of the PTI-led government further increased miseries of the citizens.

Sherpao said Imran Khan and his chosen parliamentarians were utilizing the government machineries and wealth to run election campaigns for the forthcoming provincial elections in the tribal belt.  


Sherpao Khan said peace in Afghanistan was inevitable for peace in Pakistan. He said it was the need of the day that both the countries come forward and establish friendly and free business ties with each other. He said Pakistan and Afghanistan were the gateway for central Asian countries but both the countries lacking leadership to take advantage of this golden opportunity.