Pakistani Sikh Community Protests Assassination of Separatist Leader in Canada


Ashrafuddin Pirzada
PESHAWAR: Pakistani Sikh Community Holds Protest Over Assassination of Sikh Separatist Leader in Canada, Alleged Involvement of Indian Intelligence; Calls for Sanctions Against India.

Outside the Bhai Joga Singh Gurdwara in Peshawar, Sikhs gathered to protest against the tragic killing of Hardeep Singh, a prominent figure associated with the Khalistan cause, in Canada. The protestors strongly condemned the assassination of this Sikh leader and urged that those responsible for this act be brought to justice.

They accused the Indian government of engaging in actions that infringe upon the human rights of its minority communities and cited the murder of Hardeep Singh in June as evidence of India’s alleged involvement in overseas violence.

The demonstrators held placards and chanted slogans of their support for the Khalistan Movement, which advocates for an independent homeland for Sikhs in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

The Pakistani Sikh protesters called upon the European Union and the United Nations to denounce India’s actions and consider imposing sanctions on both the Indian government and its intelligence agency, RAW.

They expressed their commitment to the Khalistan cause and affirmed that they would not be deterred by any threats from India.

Hardeep Singh, aged 45, was fatally shot outside a Sikh temple in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver in Canada with a significant Sikh population. He was a vocal proponent of the Khalistan state and was actively involved in organizing an unofficial referendum for Sikh independence within India at the time of his tragic death.