Pak-Afghan transporters join hands to work together

Torkham: Afghan transport union leader talks to the gathering of Pak and Afghan transporters gathering at Torkham.

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: A joint meeting of Paksitan and Afghanistan transport union leaders held at Pak Afghan border Torkham on Tuesday after Haji Azimullah Shinwari was selected as the president of all Torkham transport union.

A ceremony in this regard held at Torkham where transporters and traders of both Pakistan and Afghanistan participated and decided that they would work jointly to resolve the issues of transporters.

Talking to the gathering Torkham Transport union newly selected president Haji Azimullah Shinwari said that transporters of both countries were facing numerous issues.

He said the newly selected cabinet of transport union would meet authorities at Torkham to discuss passport and visa issues of both Pakistani and Afghan drivers.

Afghan transport union president Haji Qasim and another representative of Afghan transporters vowed that they would jointly work with Torkham transport newly selected cabinet to resolve the transporters and drivers issues.

Pakistan and Afghanistan transport union leaders demanded the officials at Pak-Afghan border Torkham to provide relaxation to the transporters of both countries when they transport import, export and Afghan transit trade goods via Torkham border to enhance trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Torkham: Afghanistan and Pakistan transport leaders are seen during a joint meeting at Torkham on Tuesday.

The union leaders said that the trade between Paksitan and Afghanistan was suffered already and if they did not compensate the transporters, the trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan would more decline which would suffer the economy and people of both countries.

Earlier Haji Azimullah Shinwari selected as the president of Torkham transport union, Alam Shir as chairman, Taimur shinwari as vice president while Zulfiqar was selected as the general secretary of Torkam transport union.






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