North Waziristan PA bans, threats journalists


Fata Voice News Agency

MIRANSHAH: After some journalists highlighted the corruption of the political agent and the genuine issues of tribesmen, the political administration of NW(North Waziristan) has threatened the local tribal journalists of the agency with dire consequences.

Talking to Fata Voice news, journalist and former president of the tribal union of journalists(TUJ-Fata), Safdar Dawar said that he along with some other journalists were highlighting the issues and miseries of Waziristan people and the corruption of the political agent ‘Kamran Afridi’.

He said that a couple of days before a jirga of tribal elders was held with the administration to discuss the local people’s issues but instead some puppets of the political agent convinced the administrative officials to ban the entry of journalists to the NW agency and arrest them.

Dawar said the administrative officials were aiming to hide his corruption by giving threats to the journalists and added that we would continue our report to highlight the issues and corruption of the officials.

He said the political agent want to ban media and freedom of expression in the area so that they could continue the illegal collection of money.  

He appealed to the international human rights commission and media originations to take serious notice of the issue.

He also demanded the president of Pakistan and the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa transfer the PA of NW ‘Kamran Khan Afridi immediately and appoint an honest officer to the post.



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