Minister, DPO constituted Committee On Mother, Newborn Death In Landikotal


Ashrafuddin Pirzada

LANDIKOTAL: Provincial minister Allama Muhammad Adnan Qadri visited Landikotal where he met and condoled the tragic deaths of a woman and her newborn with the bereaved family.

District Police Officer Khyber Salim Abbas Kulachi, civil society workers and other officials accompanied the minister.

Adnan Qadri told the people gathered around him at the Hujra(male guest house) of the deceased in Pirokhel village that he had no possible words to condol the tragic incident in which a mother and her newborn’s lives were taken away.
The minister said the matter was thoroughly discussed with the head of the so-called hospital inquiry committee but to no avail. He said the doctor who talked to him wanted to protect the health staff responsible for the twin deaths.

“I am from public and my ministership slot is just because of my people, my voters and supporters. I will take this matter to its end”, Adnan Qadri vowed.
He added that until and unless the bereaved family is not satisfied they would not stop probing the case.

The minister rejected the fake inquiry of the DHQ Landikotal doctors’ committee. He said the doctors were partial while investigating to protect the culprits.
He said that every single day a patient dies due to the negligence and poor administration at the DHQ Landikotal hospital. He said the loss of precious lives must be stopped onward.

Adnan Qadri said it was a test case for him and he would go to every extreme to reach a fair conclusion. He added that he wanted to protect the lives and properties of every citizen.

Qadri said he was in contact with the chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also discussed the incident with the health minister. He said those responsible for the lives of two innocents had no moral and legal right to be paid a salary from the government treasury.
He said doctors and other health staff must stop the cruelty to the people of Landikotal, he added.

The minister handed over 50,000 to the family on his own and pledged that he would also request the chief minister for a package to help the family.

DPO Salim Abbas Kulachi said police would support the constituted committee to probe the accurate findings. He said the inquiry would be completed within 4 days. He said the existing inquiry committee by the doctors was no longer effective as it failed to conduct a fair investigation. He said a new and neutral committee would be constituted headed by a senior health officer from Peshawar. He said it was a matter of human lives lost due to an alleged negligence. He said another man also died of cardiac arrest at the hospital because of the poor facilities and negligence of the staff.

Salim Abbas Kulachi said he would register an FIR against those responsible for the incident. He said two innocent lives mother and newborn and another man were wasted due to the poor management and corruption in the hospital. He said that at the request of the bereaved family, he reinstated SHO Landikotal on the assurance to conduct a fair investigation.
It may be mentioned here that a woman and her newborn died when the labour staff failed to control the bleeding after the surgery.