Landikotal’s journalists reunion and picnic party


Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The Landikotal press club cabinet on Saturday organized one day picnic and local music party on the bank of river Kabul in Nowshera district for the journalists to amuse themselves as they have been reporting conflicts and various local issues for a long time which had caused the physical tiredness and mental depression of journalists.  

 Khalil Khan Afridi, the president of Landikotal press club, Imran Shinwari, the general secretary of the press club and senior journalists Farhad Shinwari, Qazi Fazlullah, and Ibraheem Shinwari addressed the journalists gathering and praised their journalistic work for the community and state.

The speakers said that the picnic and gathering of journalists like today were essential because journalistic work and reporting was a very tough job.

An artist of Peshawar Asad Khan entertained the journalists by playing Rabab (A musical instrument of Pashto that originated in Afghanistan) while the Pashto local singer Amin Gul Afridi sang the Pashto ghazals and songs which fascinated the participants.

Journalists of Landikotal are seen in a group photo on the river Kabul bank.

The journalists applauded the cabinet members of the Landikotal press club for organizing the entertainment program for them and also praised the Pashto artists for their outstanding performance.