Kabul University Attack:19 People Killed 22 wounded


TORKHAM: At Least 19 People were killed and 22 people were wounded during an armed attack on Kabul University’s campus after three gunmen stormed the building in the Afghan capital on Monday morning, the Afghan government and a security official said.

According to the Afghan Interior Affairs Ministry’s spokesman, that the attack started at around 11:00 am on Monday morning when three attackers entered the university compound and moved towards a training center at Law Faculty that was apparently their main target as security sources put it.

The Interior Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian said the attack left 19 dead and 22 others wounded, most of those killed and wounded were students.

Hundreds of students as well as professors were at the university when the attack happened. Many students escaped the university through its surrounding walls.

Some eyewitnesses said the attackers entered classrooms and opened fire at students and professors at the training center of the Law Faculty.

The attack was widely condemned by the Afghan leaders and foreign diplomats as horrific and inhuman.

Many parents were waiting outside the university shortly after the attack to know about the fate of their loved ones.

A complex attack on Kabul University, one of the biggest higher education institutions in the country, ended after six hours when all three attackers were killed, the Interior Affairs Ministry, added.