HAJJ (A spiritual journely)

File Photo (Hajj days)

By Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Ph. D

My feelings at the time of apply

Performing Hajj has been the desire of every adult Muslim. It is a time when people’s feelings know no bounds. Having the same cherished desire in mind, I did not apply under the Government Scheme but rather applied in Private Hajj Scheme to Karwan-e-Abdul Rahim since I had heard a lot from those Hujjaj who had performed Hajj with Sarbiland Khan, Chief Executive of the Karwan-e-Abdul Rahim. Here I had the opportunity of meeting Sheikh ul Quran, Molnana Muhammad Idrees, but to my great surprise, I was told that Molana Idrees has been performing Hajj with this company for the last so many years.

Training Programs

Training programs arranged by the company are the most worth-mentioning as they made us show practical scenes of Hajj. Two programs were arranged for this purpose; the first one was introductory where we met most of the Aazmeen-e-Haj,j who had already performed Hajj in this company and were always full of appreciation and praise for Sarbiland Khan who had provided them with more facilities than had been agreed. Special emphasis was laid on the importance of this spiritual duty, various Manasiks with practical manifestation by Molana Muhammad Fayyaz. The second one was more detailed and explanatory whereby Sarbiland Khan elucidated the administrative affairs while Molana Muhammad Idrees stressed the practical aspects of Hajj. He described in detail the whole journey right from the Airport till the arrival at Jeddah Airport, the last day of Jamrat and then the stay at Madina.

The whole team was to depart for Hajj on 4th August 2018 but owing to some compulsions, I joined them on 14th August 2018. I met Sheikh Muhammad Idrees at the Peshawar Airport, who provided us with a deep insight into this spiritual activity. It was under the kind supervision of Molana sb that guided us on all important matters right from the wearing of AHRAM. At my arrival in Makkah, I was told that the Azmeen-e-Hajj had performed Umrah from Masjid-e- Aysha, Jura’ana, Sulh-e-Hudabia, and had visits to Al-Qaswa (manufacturing factory of the Ilaf-e-Ka’aba) and visits to the Holy places at Makkah.

Departure for Mina

On 18 August 2018 (7th Zil Haja), we had to wait anxiously the whole day as this was the beginning of the Manasiks of Hajj. We waited in our hotel till late at 3 am when we were seated in the Busses that were bound for Mina. At Mina, we were provided with a sofa cum bed with Air Coolers. Here the role of Sarbiland Khan and Maulana Muhammad Idrees increased with the former stressing the managerial skills while the latter stressed the practical manifestations of Hajj. On 19th August 2018, Molnana Muhammad Idrees gave a very detailed speech on the Manasiks of hajj and upcoming Manasiks at Arafat, Muzdalfa, Jamraat and Tawaf-e- Ziarat.

On 20th August 2018, after ISHRAQ we started for ARAFAT, where we were provided with AC_ tents. After the ZUHAR Prayer, Molana Muhammad Idrees started his detailed speech which lasted for about 3 hours. Our tent had enough accommodation for Hundreds of people but it was packed to the suffocation because of people that had gathered there listening attentively to his detailed Speech. This scene was worth watching as the pray (dua) lasted for about an hour and it made all the people weep with sobbing and heartfelt feelings. This was followed by WAQOOF-E-ARAFAT where thousands of people remained busy in their activities till the prescribed time.

Our journey for Muzdalfa started in the evening and we had to be seated in two busses, one led by Maulana Muhammad Idrees and the other led by Sarbiland Khan. I had the opportunity of travelling with Sarbiland Khan, who is even more versed in the Manasiks of Hajj and who has been performing it for more than a decade. It was the best journey of my life and the night when we reached Muzdalfa, was full of religious fervour and zeal as all the people had to spend the whole night on the ground/floor at Muzdalfa.

On 21st August 2018, I personally left for RAMI (Jamraat) under the kind supervision of Sarbiland Khan. After performing the WAQOOF, we left for Jamraat and at about 6:40 we had completed our Jamraat. On the very same day after JMRAAT, I had the opportunity of going to the Slaughter House for QURBANI, where I saw the inner spirit and honesty of Sarbiland Khan, whose pain-taking efforts in the selection of the best lot for the Qurbani, almost took the whole of our day.

We were dead-tired when we reached our hotel but since Tawaf-e-Ziarat was mandatory on that very day otherwise it had to be performed on the next day. Sarbiland Khan and I left for it at about 7 pm in the evening but Tawaf and SA’AI almost took about two and a half hours to be completed. On the same day, we had also to go back to Mina but thanks to the efforts untiring stamina of Sarbiland Khan who had even arranged two Busses for us to take us back to Mina.

Our Journey to Madina

On 26th August 2018, we started our journey for Madina in two AC_ Buses. Reaching about 10 pm to Madina, we offered our prayer at Masjid-e Nabawi and made our presence at the Roza Aqdas. Sarbiland Khan made us visit all the important Holy places at Madina; various Masajids at Madina, a battlefield of Ohad, Masjid-e-Qiblatain, Masjid-e-Quba, and visits to some other sacred places reminded us of the glorious days of Islam. I had also had the opportunity of going to the Beer-e- Roha well, the water of which was drunk by 70 Prophets and which is saturated with the LA’AB of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).


Besides providing the facilities of two to three dishes a day, Qurbani and many other facilities, he also provided us with 10 kg Safavi Kajhoor, Zam Zam water at the Madina Airport. The attitude of Sarbiland Khan has been very harmonic and cordial and keeps himself informed of all the Hujjaj from time to time. He provides free medical facilities to them and always has a team of well-known doctors. In short, his role is like a benign father who often cares for his kids on all occasions. It is really appreciable to perform Hajj at Karwan-e-Abdul Rahim under the kind supervision of Sarbiland Khan. The company besides, Sarbiland Khan, provides the practical services of Molana Muhammad Fayyaz and Molana Muhammad Idrees on each and every step of Hajj. In the end, I would request the government of Pakistan and concerned quarters to further increase the Hajj Quota of Karwan-e- Abdul Rahim so that more people may benefit from the services rendered by Sarbiland Khan, Chief Executive of Karwan-e-Abdul Rahim, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.