FPCCI’s commends loan schemes launched to empower youth



PESHAWAR: Convener FPCCI Standing Committee on Trade with Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics, Shahid Hussain Shinwari, while commending launching of Rs. 3.8 billion interest-free loans for the youth of the province, have said that the initiative will provide the opportunity for youth to stand up on their feet.

In a press statement issued here on Thursday, Shahid Hussain Shinwari said youth in merged areas of the province have very meagre means of resources and such schemes will prove a boon for them to start their own business or investment in agriculture land.

It merits a mention here that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had recently announced the launching of a scheme to provide interest-free loans to the youth of the province.

The scheme target is to extend support to around 3500 businesses and benefit more than 10,500 families.

Under the programme, the Rs. 2 billion ‘innovation fund for entrepreneurs, youth and women’ will be rolled out for settled areas and the Rs1.8 billion ‘start-up programme for the economic uplift of youth from merged areas.

Convener FPCCI Standing Committee said country youth is full of talent and motivation, just they need a push and schemes like Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Programme and KP government interest-free loan scheme would help them a lot to start up their professional carriers.

Shahid Hussain Shinwari also praised Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Programme under which more than 5000 plus businesses are given financial amount up to Rs. Eight billion to start new businesses or expand the existing ones.

The PM Kamyab Jawan Programme, Shahid added, has the target of distributing around Rs. 100 billion among the country’s youth and in the current year, 2021, a target of Rs. 10 billion is set for distribution among youngsters.

Such schemes will bring a revolution in the country by empowering thousands of youth in the country and also create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Shahid added.

Shahid Hussain also suggested imparting Information Technology (IT) courses to youth for enabling them to expand their scope at the international level through e-business.

He said e-business is a very good opportunity for developing clientage across the globe, but the use of this mode requires professional training which should be imparted to our youth.

He said Pakistan is blessed with countless resources and for proper tapping of these resources new method of business should be learned.

Similarly, in the tourism sector, the country’s youth can benefit by promoting the beauty of their respective areas of scenic sites of the province at the international level and invite guests by making proper arrangements for their guidance, dwelling and dining, he continued.

Shahid expressed the hope that schemes launched by the present government will reap benefits soon in the shape of the economic uplift of the country’s youth.