FATA political alliance criticized Punjab police


FATA Voice News Agency

BAJOUR AGENCY: The leaders of Bajour Siyasi Etihad(Political Alliance) have demanded the federal government to compensate the victim families of Bajour Agency whose near and dears were martyred in Lahore.

Addressing a press conference at Bajour Agency on Sunday the president  of Bajour political alliance Abdul Manan Kakaji, Sufi Hameed Dr.Hameed and Khalir ur Rahman criticized the authorities that after passing many days the killers of innocent tribesmen from Bajour Agency have not arrested by Lahore police nor they victim families were being provided financial assistance.

The leaders said the killers should be arrested and should be punished through terrorism act and they would not sit till the murderer of the innocent tribesmen were not arrested.

The leaders vowed to raise voice against those killers on every platforms.

The leaders demanded the government to arrest the killers of Zia ur Rahmand and Awal Khan and provide complete compensation to the victim family.

It is to mention here that Awal Khan and Zia ur Rahman were shot dead when gunmen opened indiscriminate firing over these poor laborers from Bajour Agency and were martyred a couple of days before in Lahore.




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