Fata grand alliance launch polio boycott campaign

Fata grand alliance elder talks to the gathering of Khasadar force demanding permanent structure for their service

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The elders and members of the Fata grand alliance on Sunday announced a boycott from administering polio drops to their children as well they warned the other tribes not to give polio drops to their children a protest against the Fata merger and not give a permanent service structure to Khasadar force(A local security force).

Fata grand alliance leaders Malak Khan Marjan, Faizullah Jan and other notable elders while speaking to the participants of the Khasadar force protest demonstration camp at Jamrud said that until the government takes back the decision of the Fata merger, they would continue to boycott polio drops to their children.

The elders also warned the other tribes and people who give polio drops to their children would also be fined Rs. Five million.

The elders said that government should reverse its decision of merging the tribal regions into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the government should give separate status to Fata regions as ‘Qabialisitan’