Family demands FIR against Peshawar jailer


By Ashrafuddin Pirzada

PESHAWAR: The family members of Rehmanullah, who was allegedly tortured in Peshawar central jail the other day and died, have threatened to stage a protest and establish a set-in camp at the front of Peshawar press club if FIR was not registered against jail superintendent Khalid Abbas and jail doctor Pervez in three days.

Flanked by relatives and small children of slain Rehmanullah, his brother Ikramullah told media on Saturday that his brother was innocent and arrested in a fake Hashish case four years ago. He said they were poor and had no money to sue his case in court.


Ikram said Rehmanullah was severely beaten and had police used iron rods and nails to torture him.

“Several nail biting and iron rod signs were clearly visible on the legs and hands of my brother(Rehmanullah) who started bleeding from his body and died in the jail”, Ikram alleged. He added that in the past four years, his case could not be started in court but he was languishing in jail as a prisoner.

Ikram said his family did not know why his disabled brother was killed in jail because he was not involved in any heinous crime.


Broke into tears and pointed towards the small daughter and son of Rehmanullah, his brother Ikramullah asked who would be responsible for the tragic murder of their father and who would provide them justice.

He said with the help of a local lawyer they would go to court and will sue the jail authorities for the brutal murder of his brother.

The family members appealed to IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa doctor Sanaullah Abbasi, CCPO Peshawar Muhammad Ali Gandapur and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan to take notice of the incident in which human life was lost.

They also threatened that if FIR was not registered in three days against Peshawar central jail superintendent Khalid Abbas, jail doctor Pervez and other police personnel who allegedly charged him with an iron rod they would set up a sit-in camp at the front of Peshawar press club and would stage a protest demonstration at front of Peshawar jail.