Dy Chairman Senate visits Bara


Ashrafuddin Pirzada

DISTRICT KHYBER: Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi visited Bara tehsil and met with officials, residents and party workers on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mirza Muhammad thanked Imran Khan for his trust in him who choose him for the slot.

He said it not only a movement of pride and honor for him, for his family but it gave respect to the people of merged districts and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said Pakistanis would gradually overcome the situation facing the last several years.

The deputy chairman Senate directed the Wapda CEO to provide maximum hours of light during the month of Ramazan. He said it was Imran Khan’s vision to support tribal people and inducted several members in key positions at the government. Mirza Muhammad said he met with Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan and governor Shah Farman and discussed various issues with them.

“A good news for Fata students increasing the numbers of scholarships to 1000 in Punjab universities”, said Mirza. He added that he would also visit all the tribal districts after Ramzan. He added that they would start work to repair the damaged roads, schools, and trade centers in Bara.

He said it was not only his duty to serve citizens but he did serving people for his own satisfaction. He said political scoring was not his first choice while helping poor and deserving people. He said he was working on launching mega projects in all tribal districts.

“Every individual is very important and should play their due role so that they could serve needy and deserving people”, Mirza said. He said a barch of University would soon be established here in the district.

Deputy Chairman Senate heard people especially teachers’ union leaders issues and assured them that he would take their issues with the concerned quarters.

DEO Nisar Khan, Tesco Chief, all Pakistan Employees president Islamuddin, All Teachers Association president Nasir Shah Afridi and others officials briefed the deputy chairman senate and requested him for his support and coordination to run their respective departments in the welfare of citizens.Former MNA, Muhammad Shah Afridi and minorities leader Papendar Singh also spoke on the occasion