Doha Afghan peace conference issued a joint resolution


By Ashrafuddin Pirzada 

DOHA(QATAR): The Afghan envoy to Pakistan doctor Omar Zakhilwal has said that Intra Afghan talks have successfully concluded in Doha and issued a joint resolution which could be followed to bring long-lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Doctor Omar Zakhilwal, who is the current Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan, on Monday issued the resolution’s points in Pashto and Dari languages, said through social media that all the parties have agreed upon the following points mentioned in the agreement.

Resolution: issued is as under(translated into English)

We are the participants of the conference which was held on 7 and July 8, 2019, in the city of Doha – Qatar, the efforts of the Federal Republic of Germany and The Government of Qatar is appreciated to provide peace in Afghanistan and to express their heartfelt hosting.

We are the participants of the conference still from the role of the United Nations, the countries of the region, especially the regional counties and the United States of America and the conversations between the intra-afghan, praise and demand their continued efforts to fulfil the true peace We are in our country.
From our view, conversation and memorandum help to reach a common understanding about today and the tomorrow of our country, and remove the obstacles that are in the way of understanding and mutual understanding. This is how we emphasize the need for the continuation of conversations.



  1. All participants want a complete and sustainable, global and honourable peace – who wants all the people of Afghanistan – as a result of the negotiations of all afghan inclusion is possible and possible.
  2. Afghanistan is a united and Islamic country and the common house of all tribes is brothers and equal. The sovereignty of the Islamic system is to provide social and political justice, provide the constitution of citizenship, National Unity, independence and preserving territorial integrity, the values that all Afghans are committed to.
  3. Nations that have been sacrificed in the past history – especially the last forty years – in the way of preserving Islamic and national values and independence sacrifices, we ask the global society and the countries of the region and the internal sides that are given to the high values of the aforementioned respect. In order that Afghanistan is not witnesses of war and crisis again, a memorandum between the different levels of society in the country is urgent. We want the support of the global society and the countries of the region and the internal elements for this momentous order – which is good for everyone.
  4. Since our people are the main victims of the war, we are the participants of this conference, to provide the favourable background, for the effective negotiations between intera-afghans to provide peace, we know the following measures:

#. The involved sides of the war are using gentle language instead of the manipulation of threatening literature, revenge and war in their official words.
B. Participants have supported the current talks in Qatar, and they consider it effective in the order to end the current imposing war in Afghanistan.
5. To protect people from war injuries and reduce its adverse consequences to at least and create better space trust to provide peace, sides involved in war take the following measures to the performance of the performance:

#. The unconditional release of the elderly prisoners of the year, the disabled and patients.
B. Security Guarantee of all public institutions of benefit such as religious and religious entity, hospitals, education and academic institutions of real estate, markets, water dams and mahallat working nationwide.
The Security Guarantee of education institutions such as schools, schools, universities and universities and other education institutions
C. Commitment to preserving life, property, dignity and Afghan people, and trying to decrease the real estate casualties to zero levels.

  1. Ensuring the financing of women’s rights in political, social, economic, education and cultural areas in the framework of Islamic values and the rights of religious minorities.
  2. The participants of the conference agreed that the map of the way of peace based on the following balances is firm:
  3. Agreement on the Islamic system in Afghanistan
  4. The beginning of the peace process at the same time as completing the necessary and
    Supervision of the versatility of the materials of peace.
  5. Necessary Reform, preserving and strengthening the basic institutions, defence facilities and other national organizations that are all afghans.
  6. The return of refugees and internally displaced persons.
  7. Discussion on the new conditions of cooperation and how to continue relationships with helpful countries.
  8. Obtaining a guarantee of lack of intervention of the region countries and other countries in Afghanistan’s affairs in an international conference.

Joint Statement. We support all the peace efforts about Afghanistan and the statement of the conference resolution between intra-afghan in Moscow, which was established on the date of 5 and 6 February̰ of the current year.

From the conference organization of Islamic countries, the United Nations, the European Union and neighbouring countries demand to confirm and support the joint resolution of the conference between Intra-afghan held Doha.

With the special thanks of ambassador dr Omar Zakhilwal.