Custom agents asked Afghan government to resolve empty trucks issue

Senior Afghan Transit Trade Torkham union leaders group photo (File Photo)

Nasib Shah Shinwari

LANDIKOTAL: The senior custom clearance agents and afghan transit trade union Torkham leaders on Sunday demanded the government of Afghanistan speed up the clearance process of empty trucks on the Afghan side to avoid the demurrage loss to customs agents and importers.

A senior customs clearance agent and the leader of the Afghan transit trade union at Torkham Gulab Khan Shinwari told the media that empty trucks of Afghan transit trade took 20 to 25 days to clear on the Afghan side before entering Pakistan.

He said that the delay in the clearance of the empty trucks on the Afghanistan side was causing a huge financial loss to the traders, transporters, and custom clearance agents at Torkham.

He said that due to more days of delay of the empty trucks, it was causing a huge demurrage loss to the importers

He demanded that the Afghan government and Pakistani authorities at Torkham should sit together to resolve this big issue and facilitate the traders so that the export of goods from Pakistan to Afghanistan be boosted.

He said that speedy clearance of the empty trucks on the Afghan side would boost the afghan transit trade which would impact both economies of Pakistan and Afghanistan positively.

It is important to mention here that all Pakistan Customs bonded carrier association has dispatched an application to the additional director of transit station Torkham mentioning the delay issue of the empty truck on the Afghan side to resolve this matter on a priority basis.