Crackdown against stray dogs, 40 shot killed with pellet guns in Landikotal

LANDIKOTAL: Stray dogs are seen in Landikotal bazar.

Shamsul-Amin Pirzada

KHYBER AGENCY: The Landikotal administration on the repeated complaints of locals shot and killed 40 stray dogs in different areas of Landikotal bazaar. Sources said on Thursday.

The sources said the local administration has launched a crackdown against stray dogs in the main bazaar of Landikotal. He said, in the first phase of the drive, they shot and killed 40 stray dogs using pellet guns.

One of the eyewitnesses, who requested anonymity told Fata Voice that the bodies of dogs remained undisposed for whole the day in different streets of the bazaar. He said the authority should use poison rather use pellet guns and the bodies of dead dogs and their filth must be disposed of on time.

” I think, the crackdown was unfair and based on injustice against animals as they did not use any specific procedure. They killed all dogs indiscriminately, including pregnant and lactated mothers”, he regretted.

It is noteworthy that stray dogs had bitten four children in Landikotal bazaar some two days before. Dozens of stray dogs have made sanctuaries in certain streets of Landikotal bazaar which was an obvious threat to customers who daily visit the bazaar. After repeated complaints by local people, the political administration started the drive to make the bazaar clean and free from stray dogs.


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