Call for effective measures to fight with Covid-19


GERMANY: The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically affected the world, causing over 550,000 deaths with hundreds of thousands of coronavirus cases all over the world.

Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Secretary-General of the Intel Human Rights Commission New York Ambassador Malik Nadeem Abid while talking with the International Global Times Media Europe and Fata Voice News Agency said that effective measures are needed to deal with the global pandemic of coronavirus. He said the Pakistani and Kashmiri communities in New York have served their countrymen during the time of coronavirus pandemic.

He said the prevention of coronavirus was possible only by taking precautionary measures which could save the whole world from coronavirus.

Malik urged Pakistani and Kashmiri communities in New York are urged to help health workers and other volunteers to eradicate  Coronavirus.

He said millions of people have been affected by the coronavirus while millions of other people have died which was unfortunate for humanity. He said that ALLAH blesses the people affected by the coronavirus. He offered a special prayer that May ALLAH grant perfect health and may Allah Almighty grant patience to the families who lost their near and dear ones in the coronavirus pandemic.