Ahmadi professor shot dead in Peshawar


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PESHAWAR: A professor belonging to the Ahmadiyya community was gunned down in an act of targeted killing in Peshawar on Monday.

The victim was identified as Prof Dr. Naeemuddin Khattak, police said.
Armed motorcyclists targeted Naeemuddin Khattak, 56, while he was driving his car and passing through the Wazir Bagh area at around 1:30 pm, two men riding a motorcycle stopped the professor’s car, opened fire on him and fled, the FIR said.
The professor received five bullets and died on the spot, the source said.
Naeem Uddin Khattak held a Ph.D. in zoology, he was a professor at Superior Science College Peshawar.
The professor has left behind a widow, two sons and three daughters.

Dr. Prof. Naeem-Ud-Din Ahmad Khattak was the son of the famous Pashto and Urdu language poet and intellectual Fazal Din Khattak. He was the brother of Shehab Khattak,
His brother Shehab Khattak is the founding leader of the Pashtun Thafuz Movement (PTM).

Saleem Uddin, a spokesman for Pakistan’s Ahmadi community, said Khattak had completed his doctorate in Zoology and was facing problems because of his faith.

In a statement, he said Khattak had received threats and he demanded protection for people belonging to their community.

“The government has failed in providing protection to Ahmadis,” he said. Without directly naming the military, he urged state institutions to ensure the protection of Ahmadis.