Coronavirus Pandemic: affected socially and economically around the world


Wurttemberg Germany: The coronavirus has changed how we work, play and learn: Schools are closing, sports leagues have been cancelled, and many people have been asked to work from home.

Female Political and social workers, Kanwal Hayat said that coronavirus epidemic endangered humanity all over the world. She said that the daily increase in coronavirus is a matter of concern. She said that the prevention of coronavirus is possible only by following government measures. She said that people are affected by coronavirus lost their jobs and due to lack of employment people are forced to go on hunger. The government and welfare agencies should fully cooperate with the people in this hard time because the protection and service of the people is the responsibility of the present government. Coronavirus and lockdown have made the people of the country suffer from mental illness. Coronavirus is leading the country’s economy to destruction Coronavirus has affected millions of people and killed millions, which is unfortunate for humanity. Political and social worker woman Ms.Kanwal Hayat said in a press statement with International Global Times Media Europe and Fata Voice News Agency that, May Allah Almighty bestowed perfect health on the people affected by the virus, May Allah Almighty grant a high position in Paradise to those who died from the virus and grant patience to the survivors.Amen.